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Betting the farm trailer texas

I got a ticket one 1 of 3 tickets I managed to snag during that particular stop for having farm plates on my truck while not doing farm business. Had I known it was that insignificant, I'd have done it sooner. The time to go to court was worth more than that. I called about an exemption and the woman I spoke with didn't know what I was talking about. The biggest problem is the trailer doesn't belong to me, so I just have to convince the owner to let me pay for the increase in cost to get regular plates AND for him to go to the courthouse to have it done.

He doesn't have farm plates because it's cheaper, he has them for the principle of it being a "farm" trailer since he also owns a "farm. I've tried to buy it from him on the condition that he can use it whenever he wants to, but he won't sell it to me "yet.

I try to take that whole Aggie Honor Code to heart as often as possible. I know for a fact you can get a "one time use" tag for a trailer to let you use a trailer on the road that had not been registered. Maybe that's what I should do. Pretend it hasn't ever been registered and just get a "one time use" permit. They'd never be able to know if it was registered as a farm trailer if I took the tags off.

Are those "one time use" permits good in other states, do you know? Joined: Sep 2, Tell the cop that you have a 1-D-1 Exemption, which gives your property ag exempt status. Joined: Dec 12, Posts: 11, You can get a 72 hr permit for commerical trucks and trailers that are not otherwise licensed for the purpose of a single trip or one-way trip.

Give it a try. Run it! You won't get caught. Joined: Jul 1, Posts: 28, They have better things to do. Joined: Jun 23, Posts: 6, I also represented a guy once who was ticketed for hauling firewood to sell in Amarillo. Even though he could prove that the wood came from his farm and had been sold to someone in Amarillo the trooper still gave him a ticket. The JP finally dismissed the case when we requested a jury trial. Joined: Aug 23, Posts: 1, They are also BIG on making sure your load is secured to their specs.

Specs for securing loads? Where are these specs? The last thing I want to do is get some cheeseball ticket for not having my tractor "secured properly" one day. I figure 2 lb load straps on each end are adequate. I dont remember all of them, but its something like chains on all axles, everything thats loose must be tied down, nothing can hang off the sides. Just a bunch of b. I got the rundown from a Smokey a couple weeks ago, I still dont follow all of em mainly cuz its to much crap to remember.

I had like 6 violations. Joined: Nov 22, Posts: 4, Stack bales of hay around the boat. Joined: Nov 27, Should not have to stop at any state line check points, they are for commercial vehicles only. Most trailers do not have titles and are licensed by weight, a simple solution is to go to the tax office where you live and tell them you built a trailer and it has? You will pay them and get a plate. You then put the plate on your friends trailer keep his farm plate in your garage go on your trip and when you return change plates back put yours on the wall and his back on his trailer.

You have now been pretty legal or do like I have done for years, pull it like it is and most likely no one will bother you Joined: May 9, Just do it, dps would understand i'd bet. Joined: Nov 21, Posts: 46, Yeah, that's what I'd guess.

I would surmise that most of the time you wouldn't get pulled over for just the FT tags. But if you were speeding, you'd probably get the FT ticket as a bonus. Joined: Aug 19, My Ag exemption is for Wildlife Management so I am looking forward to the day i get pulled over with a four wheeler on the trailer or corn and a feeder etc I'd like to be there when you try to explain to a cop or a judge that your land property tax exemption somehow effects your vehicle registration.

Joined: Oct 16, Youll be fine. Joined: Feb 4, Just don't get in an accident with a farm tagged truck pulling a commercial or recreational trailer. At that point, you are screwed. The cops will have you, and your insurance company will throw you over the side. Skip to Last Page 1. Post Reply Back to topics. This post has been flagged. These commercial freight trailers are usually 40 feet long and can move vertically in relation to the hauling unit, which controls the direction of the front axle.

Their longer cargo beds make them perfect for carrying longer materials. When it comes to navigating, a semi-trailer has a smaller turning circle than a full trailer, which makes it more manageable. Having a single turning point also makes reversing easier for a semi-trailer. However, they have a higher center of gravity, making them more likely to tip over than full trailers, which have a more rigid construction.

This makes them prone to jackknifing when not driven carefully. For this reason, anti-lock brakes have been mandatory for semi-trailers since , reducing the number of jackknife crashes. Often, full trailers are used by businesses that have to make deliveries to multiple locations, where only a portion of the cargo is unloaded.

In comparison, semi-trailers are often used to transport an entire load to one given destination. Their detachable nature also makes them easier and faster to use during loading or when trunked between loading depots.


Included in renewal notices sent to owners of trailers with registration expiring this month and later will be notification that the trailer is required to have passed a safety inspection at a state-certified vehicle inspection station within 90 days prior to the new registration sticker's being issued. No proof of safety inspection, no renewal of registration. This will be the first time many owners learn their trailer falls under Texas' annual safety inspection requirements, the same as most vehicles used on Texas public roads.

Texas law has for decades required annual safety inspection of trailers with a gross weight weight of the trailer plus its carrying capacity or actual load of more than 4, pounds. That includes travel trailers, most dual-axle boat trailers, and many larger utility trailers such as those hunters use to haul tractors, ATVs, blinds and other equipment to hunting leases. But because Texas' vehicle safety inspection process was separate from the vehicle registration process, vehicle owners could renew either without proof of complying with the other.

And while Texans have been almost universally aware of the requirement of getting an annual safety inspection of their car, truck or motorcycle, many were unaware of the requirement for their trailers. Texas DMV has no way to reliably estimate the rate of non-compliance with the trailer safety inspection requirement, Southerland said. But anecdotally, it has been considerable.

A recent check by the Chronicle of travel trailers in the campground at Brazos Bend State Park showed only one of 12 trailers had a state safety inspection sticker. On a January weekend, none of the 17 dual-axle boat trailers in the parking lot of a public boat ramp in Port O'Connor had the required state safety inspection sticker. The owners of those trailers faced citations and fines if they'd been stopped by law enforcement officers.

But while officers have regularly written citations when they encounter violations of trailer inspection requirements, overall enforcement of the requirement has been modest. Because the small inspection sticker has been placed on a trailer's tongue, it has been difficult for an officer to tell at a glance if the trailer is in compliance. Under a law passed by the session of the Texas Legislature , annual vehicle safety inspection requirements will remain the same, but certification stickers will no longer be issued.

Inspection stations will send electronic notification to the DMV that a vehicle trailer, motor vehicle has passed the safety inspection and issue a certification document to the vehicle owner. Before a vehicle can be registered or renew current registration and is issued an annual registration sticker which goes on license plates of trailers , the vehicle owner must have proof, either in the DMV database or by showing the inspection document, that the vehicle has a currently valid safety inspection.

This is similar to the requirement that the owner of a motor vehicle show proof of insurance before being able to get a motor vehicle inspected or registered. When dealing with a tow vehicle-trailer combination, you look at the gross combination weight rating GCWR of the tow vehicle if the tow-vehicle manufacturer has assigned it a GCWR and displays it on its cert label.

It is required even if that truck, automobile, or van is towing a trailer and that trailer has a GVWR of 10, lbs. The second component of the CDL requirement, and of the CMV definition, is much more troubling, much more subjective, and the primary source of the confusion.

Not exactly an enlightening definition, to say the least. And that is often the law enforcement officer on the scene. As a starting point, the proper inquiry, then, is whether this questionable CMV is transporting property across state lines for some commercial purpose, as opposed to for the personal use of the owner, driver, or some other person.

Complicating the question of whether a CDL is necessary could be a hodge-podge of state CDL laws at variance with the federal law. States are not prohibited from enacting their own state CDL laws, applying them to non-interstate movements i.

GVWR trailer when used for personal use. GVWR and the debate over personal vs. In sum, assuming commercial use, when the GVWR of the truck exceeds 26, lbs. I have a class B with air brakes endorsement already. I want to get a Class A. When I take the driving test, do I have to have a trailer with air brakes as well to get the endorsement on my class A license. For accurate detail of what you will need on test day, we suggest contacting your local department of motor vehicle.

I know this is a older post so I have a quick question we have a t40 bucket truck with a gvw of pounds so my understanding of the Ohio rules a class d driver license can drive but with a trailer under gvw a class d can drive as long the truck and trailer is not overloaded and if the trailer is over gvw now you will need a class a license.

It is possible that there is an exception for when the single-vehicle is under 26, and the towed trailer is less than 10k that would make this legal for a Non-CDL driver, even with gross combination over 26k but I cannot confirm this holds true for all areas. You will want to confirm with your local highway dept.

Good morning Kimberly, Should be possible. Work with your dealer and the manufacturer to explore this process. I have an f GVW 16, With a trailer GVW 21, Which I use to tow my own personal race cars to amateur vintage races that I pay to enter for my own pleasure were no prize money can be won.

I live in Illinois Do I need a class A license? Good Morning George, Class A: a combination of 2 or more vehicles, including a trailer s in excess of 10, lbs. A Class D License is only good for vehicle combinations up to 26, lbs. I would recommend contacting the Illinois Highway patrol for further verification and explanation specific to your state.

We have a F 10,lb and a 14,lb tandem axle trailer. Owned personally but used to complete service work for our business. If we cross state line to work at a customer location do we need DOT? Do we need CDL simply because its being used commercially? It is our understanding in the state of Minnesota law, is that as long as the truck trailer is not for hire, a CDL is not required.

This may vary state to state, so we do advise you to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicle. Thanks much, Felling Trailers. Depending on the state you could obtain a class B license since the truck only is over 26k but would be limited to trailers to stay under 10k. A class A. Would allow you combinations over 26, and trailers over 10, lbs.

Hi I have a small business and am currently looking for a larger equipment trailer, my trucks gvwr are all 12, or less, can i get a 14k trailer gcwr will be under 26k and not need a cdl? Or am I restricted to trailers 10k or less? Located in CT. I have that same question I read a lot about this but the more I read the more im confused.

Good Morning Micheal, The standard Class D license allows the driver to operate vehicle combinations with a combined weight rating of up to 26, lbs. The Class B CDL allows you to do everything you can with the Class D, however, it also allows you to operate a single unit non-combination of more than 26, lbs.

GVWR, and combine this larger single unit with a trailer of under 10k. To further explain on this, if your total Gross combined weight rating is over 26, lbs while your trailer is at 14, lbs, you will need a Class A, not a Class B license. While we do our best to interpret the law in your area, I Highly recommend consulting with local authorities to verify you are legal. Sorry to drag this out. While we do our best to interpret the law in your area, I highly recommend consulting with local authorities to verify you are legal.

I haul building materials, heavy equipment, gravel, etc. The manual says the GCWR is 22, pounds. In addition, it says a 5th wheel weight distributing hitch is limited to 12, pounds. My gooseneck dump trailer tag says 15, pounds GVWR. Both axes at 7, pounds each. The grand total of truck and trailer is 27, pounds which is over the 26, pound threshold, not to mention exceding the manufactures recommendation for gross weights.

Do I need more truck to pull this trailer loaded? At what point do I need a CDL? Steve, I will do the best to address each question. There are a few exceptions but are usually ag-related. From everything you have explained to me, a CDL would be required to operate your truck and trailer on public roads, even when empty. The gooseneck rating seems light at 12, lbs, as most are rated at a towing of 25, lbs.

I would think you have more than enough truck for that trailer, but I better not speak on behalf of the truck manufacturer. They will also look at rated tire capacity and axle capacity. Hello Felling Trailers, Thank you for this article.

I am under the 26, but over 10, on trailer. And if so any tips for negotiating with CHP should they choose to stop me to avoid a brow beating. Thank you Alex. That being said your listed combination should be safe with a standard license. It is always best to contact the California Highway Patrol in case there are any local laws.

What if i have a dually truck with a door sticker rating of 14, lbs and a trailer with a sticker rating of 14, lbs which would put me at a total of 28, lbs which would require cdl because its over 26, lbs. But what if i register my truck at a max combination weight of 25, Would that still require cdl?

No matter what the manufacturers sticker states my registration forbids me to haul over 26, Hello William, The law has been explained to me as any vehicle combination over 26, lbs will require a CDL. There are several exceptions, mostly for agriculture use.

We have a truck trailer combination of 19, lbs with the trucks GVWR at 9, and the trailer at just over 10, lbs. So even though the combined weight is under 26, does this combination require a Class A license in California due to the trailers GVWR? This is a commercial for hire situation. Hello James, The gross combination is under 26, lbs. I heard that it might depend on the length of the trailer also?

The 2, Ram and the toy hauler are likely 10, lbs, or less, each, which should keep the total combined under 26, lbs. The gross combination is under 26, lbs. Because I operate 80, pound tractor trailer. But if you go by GVWR on combination, it would be , pounds. Because that means that I should be ticketed also because my manufacturing GVWR exceeds 80, pounds. But as long as I scale 80, or less I am legal.

So point is how is my rig based on actual weight but my ram and gooseneck is based on GVWR?? My Question is why is my peterbuilt based on actual weight, but my ram on manufacturing stamped weight????? Good Afternoon James, You make a great point, it would best to contact your local highway patrol for a better explanation. Apportioned license for both at 40, lbs max. Truck does not have state plate — Illinois We know the driver needs CDL when pulling the trailer, but does a different driver only driving the truck by itself need a CDL?

Do they need a medical card? Commercial — not for hire. Good afternoon Jeff, A person operating a single or combination vehicle under 26, lbs is not required to obtain a CDL. For Intrastate within the state the vehicle is licensed the Medical card requirement varies per the state you are in. Most follow the same ruling as Federal. This is how we have interpreted the law, but I strongly recommend contacting the highway patrol in your area for a better explanation of the rule. I am assuming it is 10, lbs, which, when paired with a trailer that has a GVWR of 12, lbs.

My friend would like me to haul a pound equipment load for him to Florida. Will I need a CD L? Good Morning Michael, Our interpretation is you would need a CDL for the current truck and trailer combination regardless of the actual weight placed on the trailer, or where you are going. A Class D license is only good for vehicle Gross combinations up to 26, lbs.

The truck is used for recreational use only for moving personal items. I normally tow a camper or utility trailer with a GVWR under 10,lb. Thanks Bryant. Good Morning Bryant, A single-vehicle unit over 26, lbs. The Class A license will allow you to go combinations over 26, lbs. I know some states have exemptions from this ruling for Agriculture or other related industries. You should check with local authorities if you are uncertain. I haul livestock for personal use with a flatbed truck that is well under the stipulated weight limits requiring a CDL.

I have been told that while I have a trailer gooseneck on the truck, regardless of GVWR, I will need a Class A and shall pull into weigh stations because of the flatbed trailer combo. What code or section applies to this situation and does is this information accurate?

I was traveling with my husband and we stopped at a scale house and were advised by the DOT inspector that because of the bed modification regardless of weight , I would need a CDL to tow anything. This is true regardless of scaled weight. The one-ton truck and gooseneck combination likely does have a total combination weight rating of over 26, lbs. You will want to check with local authorities to be certain.

With the use of any vehilce over pounds in a commercial venue we are probably going to need to be register with the FMCSA for DOT numbers and driver qualification paperwork and oh, did I mention hours of service. Your answer to the questions have been spot on. Keep up the good work. I will be moving from CA to the east coast. I am planning on using a two car flatbed trailer carrying two of my cars owned by me and registered to me. I assess this a personal use and not commercial use or commerce.

I found a rental company for the trailer and they state that they have reduced the capacity on the trailer from 14, to 9, so that CDL is not required. I do not believe that the trailer reduced to 9, will be able to carry my cars as they are 8, combined and the trailer has to weigh more than 1, I will not try to convince them to change their policy as that is a waste of time. I will likely be better off buying a trailer then selling the trailer at my destination.

Question: is my original assessment incorrect? Is a CDL required to pull a 14, trailer with personal property not for commercial use? Or are they just playing it safe and using CDL as an excuse? Good morning Scott, Our interpretation of the law matches yours. Since rental companies are commercial, they have a few other deciding factors when keeping trailers under 10K GVWR.

It also allows them to avoid doing annual DOT inspections on the trailer. We are in PA and are looking at a new lift for our tree service which will only be operated in state, the lift weighs 11, lbs. Could we legally pull it with a 14, lb trailer with a truck with a GVW of 10, lbs? Provided of course that the unladen weight of the trailer did not push us past the 14, limit for the trailer. There are a handful of other scenarios with this combination that could throw you outside of what is legal.

Truck and trailer GCWR is under 26k. Any combination of vehicles up to a total of 26, lbs GVWR. Dual axle single wheel trailer. My GVWR is under lbs. Am I required to hold a CDL? I used to hold a Class A as I was a truck driver for years but this seems to be a subject of some contention.

Good Morning Brenden, I understand the rule as a class D license is valid for any vehicle combination under a gross combination weight rating of 26, lbs. You will want to contact the state to know for sure. Its GWVR is 19, lbs. With the truck it will be over 26, lbs. Thank you! Good afternoon Kimberly, I read the law that if the truck and trailer have a combined GVWR of over 26, lbs, you will need a CDL to drive on any road, for any distance.

Looking to start a business in AL towing and hauling heavy equipment. I do some part time work for a guy and have been hauling his equipment on a flat bed trailer , he has now bought a 30 ft gooseneck trailer to haul a bigger tractor , my question is can I use his GMC and his trailer for the driving test?

And my other question is do I have to get an air brake endorsement since the truck and trailer are not equipped with them? Also I live in California. Good Morning Donald, You will want to do more research specific with your state, however, it is legal to obtain a valid Class A with the below combination, however, it will not work if you also wanted to obtain an air brake endorsement.

If your sole purpose of obtaining a CDL is to operate the and Gooseneck combo, it will work fine for the test and you will be able to avoid the air brake endorsement. What class of driver license do we need for this combination We haul a mini excavator from job to job on the trailer.

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I'm assuming bill of sale and his signature on title is all I need. DMV website can get confusing sometimes. The advice above is exactly why trailer thefts are so common, and why the thieves tend not to worry about getting caught, in Texas. But hey, I'll bet that same site will tell you that your arrest for a stolen trailer "is all about the revenue". A while back I arrested a guy and it was all about the revenue, of course who would steal trailers in the Houston area and take them to San Antonio to sell.

He would then steal one in SA and sell it in Austin. Then he'd steal one in Austin and sell it in this area. And he just kept making the rounds. He got away with it for a long time, in part because so many people would follow that bad advice from that other site. Some counties, which have historically looked the other way on "homemade trailer" registrations, are finally beginning to require proper documentation to register them.

I'd recommend that you do it the proper way. But it's your decision. Out of curioisity, what would be proper documentation for a trailer that was homemade? They will also use a highlighter to show what you fill in. Even i could do it, and did. You need to take pictures of the trailer and provide specs such as length width, weight etc It is harder to do now than it was 10 years ago, but it can still be done and usually is for untitled trailers.

Usually if someone had previously put plates on the trailer all you need to do is take the plate and a bill of sale along with VIN and specs to the tax office to register it in your name and get the new tags. All the forms should be available online or can be picked up at any county tax office and there are places the seller needs to sign also. It's the same place you go to get your vehicle registrations.

How big is it? How much does it weight? How much will it carry? What color is it? I saw a few good deals on trailers that didn't have titles and were never registered and they were just telling me I could register as homebuilt. Luckily this guy has paperwork so I shouldn't have to worry about going the shady route. The trailer has been in storage for 2 years. But he was able to find them after all.

Makes the process easy for me now. Just out of curiosity, what forms are those? I've registered or transfered registration on 5 trailers in the last 2 years with only the tag numbers and a bill of sale. On the first one, I brought a ton of paperwork with me and they didn't need any of it. That was a month ago in Tomball. Have you recently purchased a new trailer?

If so, congratulations. Before you can really begin to incorporate your trailer into your plans, however, there are a few things that need to be taken care of first. Depending on your specific trailer, it may need to be inspected. We understand that this might not be your favorite part of getting a new trailer. Follow the information here, and your trailer will be road-ready in no time.

Every vehicle being operated on the road must have a title, as this provides legal proof of who owns the vehicle. A registration, while related, is something different. These identifiers show that your vehicle has been made known to the state, is roadworthy and that you have paid all the necessary fees associated with owning it.

You may be wondering if a title is absolutely necessary for your trailer. One might wonder whether it truly qualifies as a motor vehicle and thus, whether or not it actually needs a title. The short answer is yes, you need a title for your trailer. The slightly longer answer is that it depends on your specific trailer and it depends where you live.

If your trailer is extremely small or not being used on the road, there may be a chance it does not need to be titled. The odds of this are slim, however, as the DMV has a broad definition of a trailer which likely encompasses anything we might think of as a trailer. Whether or not you must title your trailer also depends on which state you live in.

The DMV may stipulate that trailers must be titled and registered in your home state. This list is far from all-encompassing, but it begins to give you a good idea of whether or not your trailer falls under this definition. The odds are good that it does. In other words, after you purchase a trailer, how long do you have before it must be registered?

There is no single answer to this question, simply because this is not governed by any national law. Every state decides this on its own basis, meaning that the laws will be different depending on which state you live in. A good rule of thumb to remember is the day rule. Keep in mind that this is simply a rule of thumb, however, and it should not be taken as fact.

You must register your trailer, and failure to do so will likely result in penalties that grow more and more severe the longer the trailer is left untitled. Unfortunately, titling and registering your trailer or any other vehicle is not quite as simple as merely walking into the DMV, telling them you have a new trailer and walking out with the registration.

For the process to move forward, there are several things you will need to have on hand when you go to the DMV to complete your registration. Nothing comes free, and titling and registering your trailer is no different. To gain the privilege of owning and operating a vehicle in your state, even if that vehicle is only a trailer, you have to pay the state certain fees. You might think of these fees like taxes. You pay your state and county taxes for the privilege of living within their borders, and this money goes towards supporting the state and making it a great place to live in.

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The only flatbed trailer I have access to has farm tags on it. I once covered up a TX FARM TRK TRAC tag and run under a 72HR permit to haul a non-farm, but also NOT commerical, Just do it, dps would understand i'd bet. The advice above is exactly why trailer thefts are so common, and why the thieves tend not to worry about getting caught, in Texas. But hey, I'll bet. Texas Hill country. Things to see/ride. Planning a trip for spring maybe, hitting up the hill country. I know llano for BBQ, and the three sisters are must stops.